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Mike Hosking
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Mike Hosking
Vice President

Michael Hosking brings considerable experience in Public Safety management and consulting to his position as a Vice President with GovHR USA. He has 35 years experience leading and managing the police and fire departments with the City of Lake Forest, Illinois, one of Chicago’s most desirable suburban communities. In 2013 he accepted an Interim Deputy Chief of Police Position with the Village of Lake Bluff.  His duties included mentoring the new Chief of Police and working with the Sergeants to prepare one of them to become the permanent Deputy Chief.  He also was to work with the police officers to prepare them for promotion to Sergeant.  Additionally, he helped create and institute a Detective’s position to ensure follow up on criminal cases. He completed that assignment in October of 2017.   He also has experience in executive recruitment, mentoring and management consulting with police agencies and municipal governments throughout the country.

As Lake Forest’s Police Chief, Director of Public Safety, and finally Fire Chief, Mr. Hosking implemented a variety of programs specifically designed to reduce crime, increase awareness, improve community relations and prevent and reduce fires within the community. He has extensive experience developing and administering policies for municipal police and fire departments as well as the administration of grants, the C.A.L.E.A. Accreditation process, N.F.P.A. Standards, ISO Ratings and employee contract negotiations. In addition, he has experience in analyzing the economic impact of new development on municipal services and in the development of Mission and Vision statements. Prior to his tenure in Lake Forest, Mr. Hosking worked for a high school district and the U.S. Postal Service.

Mr. Hosking is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University majoring in Sociology and has a Master’s degree in Law Enforcement Administration from Western Illinois University. He is also a military Veteran and a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the Illinois Executive Institute and a number of other nationally recognized senior management programs.