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Executive Recruiting – Public Sector

GovHR USA  is a full service executive recruitment and selection firm that provides you with valuable assistance so you can focus on the key decisions.  Our principals have worked in local government and with local governments and have a thorough understanding of the challenges in the public sector.  Our team worked together at Voorhees Associates where we completed more than 350 recruitments since 2009.  We customize the executive recruiting process to meet your organization’s needs, including a thorough analysis of the organization, the position and the community, as well as a complete understanding of the hiring authority’s expectations. Our years of experience in local government allow us to reach out to candidates who are unaware of your opportunity, but may be well suited to the challenges and expectations you’ve outlined.  Here are some key reasons you should consider GovHR USA for your recruitment:

High Quality Service

We believe strongly in serving you to the best of our ability.  There is no greater testament to our level of service than to be hired again by a client.  Approximately 35% of our clients are repeat business.  We’ve been hired three or more times by the following clients:  Austin, Texas; Garland Texas; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Evanston, Illinois; Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB); Highland Park, Illinois; Elgin, Illinois; Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; Waukesha, Wisconsin and Burlington, Wisconsin.

Thorough Yet Timely Process

Our process is thorough and comprehensive focusing on your needs.  We estimate that 90 days from the day you sign a contract to work with us, you will be ready to appoint a candidate.  It is important to note that candidates often have to provide 30-60 days notice so you should factor that in when considering your timeline.  We will provide you with a detailed recruitment schedule and with your cooperation, we will adhere to the schedule.

Comprehensive Outreach to Candidates

We utilize social media, subscribe to national databases of public management employees and maintain our own database of potential candidates in an effort to attract the best candidates to your position.  We are connected to our various professions in city management, public safety, finance, public works, economic development, planning, school districts, utilities and special districts – yet, we also seek out candidates in the private and not for profit sectors ensuring you the highest quality of candidates for your opportunity.  We believe in casting a wide net for candidates and conducting a high level of due diligence on any candidate we recommend to you.

Executive Recruiting – Not for Profit Sector

GOV HR consultants have experience in not for profit consulting.  Successful recruitments include four successful recruitments for the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), the Executive Director for the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, the CEO for Lake County, IL  Partners and the CEO for the Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Partnership.