Five Tips for Mentoring Assistant Managers

Five Tips for Mentoring Assistant Managers In preparing to be a City Manager or Administrator, Assistants need to be well rounded with experience in operations as well as human resources, communications, oral presentations, information technology, etc.  We find that many Assistants are developing these skills.  We have noticed some areas where Managers/Administrators could further developRead More

Sustainable Approaches to Public Safety in Today’s Environment

Sustainable Approaches to Public Safety in Today’s Environment Heidi Voorhees sent me this graphic and it instantly resonated with my experiences as a career local government professional. Police Departments have been saddled with responsibilities well beyond that of peacekeeping. As laws and societal issues have become increasingly complex, local police officials have been asked toRead More

Checklist for New Managers

Checklist for New Managers ICMA provides resources for people at all stages of their local government career, but first-time administrators have unique challenges as well as new opportunities. The first thing first-time administrator should do is read the First-Time Administrators Handbook: In addition to this resource provided by ICMA, GovHR has prepared the listRead More

Emergency Preparedness—Planning For Action

Emergency Preparedness—Planning For Action That usually means that when incidents occur and response and mitigation are critical, Police, Fire, EMS, and Public Works departments are expected to have the knowledge, ability, training and plans to address these emergencies. The scope of this article is a focus on the National Preparedness Goal established by the FederalRead More