Allegheny County

Position Summary: The Chief Assessment Officer of the Office of Property Assessments (OPA) works under the supervision of the Division Manager and Department Director and is responsible for the making and supervising of the making of all assessments and valuations of all real property for ad valorem tax purposes. The Chief Assessment Officer makes determinations of tax exempt status of any parcel of real property in accordance with law, ordinance and industry standards, and is also responsible for assisting in the development of assessment procedures within OPA. The Chief Assessment Officer is responsible for ensuring the annual revision and equalization of all assessments and valuations, and for performing all of the duties and responsibilities required of a chief assessment officer under applicable Pennsylvania law and ordinances/regulations of Allegheny County pertaining to property assessments. These duties and responsibilities include:

• Oversees the making of all assessments and makes the final determination of the value of all subjects of taxation in accordance
with law, ordinance and industry standards.
• Ensures the revision and equalization of all such assessments and valuations.
• Provides information as requested by the Division Manager, Department Director, and/or administration.
• Recommends to the Division and Department such elements of an Assessment Standards and Practices Ordinance as the Chief Assessment Officer deems appropriate.
• Ensures that revisions and equalizations are done in accordance with law, ordinance and industry standards at the lowest cost per parcel.
• Promulgates guidelines for use by County assessors in applying the cost approach, sales approach and income approach to property valuation as part of the County’s computer assisted mass appraisal system.
• Provides advice and assistance in public relations efforts.
• Assists in establishing policies and procedures for the Office of Property Assessment.
• Sets assessment values for properties which have suffered catastrophic losses.
• Supervises and directs the activities of the assessors.
• Reports on administrative matters to the County Manager through the Manager of the Office of Property Assessment and performs other administrative duties as assigned by the County Manager.
• Performs and/or participates in special projects and other duties as requested or assigned by the Director or Division Manager.
• Provides sales information to the State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) to be used by STEB for the calculation of the common level ratio.

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