GovTemps assists local governments (counties, municipalities, townships, counties, parks, and school districts) across the country with their short, long-term, and outsourcing staffing needs.  The length of temporary placement assignments varies and can be as short as a couple of months or as long as a year depending on the jurisdiction. The work week typically ranges from 20-40 hours per week.  

Why Choose GovTemps?  

  • Income and Benefits. The pay rate is competitive and the benefits are good. GovTemps offers an employer contribution towards health insurance and matches up to 3% of salary towards an IRA. 
  • Security. GovTemps maintains professional liability insurance and workers’ compensation for all its employees. 
  • Secure a full-time job that is not always posted. If you are seeking a full-time position, several GovTemps employees have been hired on as permanent employees.  
  • Stay Sharp.  While working on an interim assignment, you can learn new skills and refine existing ones.  

If you are in a job transition or receiving a pension and interested in remaining active in your profession, submit your resume 

To learn more, contact Senior Vice President Mike Earl at 224-261-8366 or   

Posted:June 8, 2020  


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