Morale, Welfare and Recreation Dept- Navy Region Mid-Atlantic

Serve those who serve our country

This position is located in the Sports and Fitness Division, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department, Great Lakes, Illinois. Incumbent serves as the assistant Recreation Specialist to the Sports and Fitness Division Head. Primary objective is to assist in providing maximum opportunities for participation in a well-rounded program planned for aquatics, sports and fitness activities designed to enhance the physical, mental and social wellness of the population served.

Responsible for the program management of a comprehensive aquatics program that encompasses a full range of programs in both traditional and non-traditional activities/events on water as well as land. In addition assist in oversee a large multipurpose gymnasium, indoor pool and fitness center located in Bldg. 440.

45% Program management

Plans, develops, recommends and carries out approved activities and programs designed to increase interest, patronage and service. Responsible for all publicity and promotion pertaining to aquatics program: free swim, youth, baby and adult swim lessons, youth and adult swim teams, scuba classes, water polo intramurals, swim meets, diving lessons, mandatory PT, and water safety/lifesaving training. Assist in exercises management control over all programs and related activities in the field house. The incumbent is required to use good judgment in making adaptations to the existing programs, and be creative in forming new unique events as needed. Participates in the evaluation of the overall aquatic and sports/intramural programs. Decisions are not reviewed except in terms of participation response or reaction to the program activities. Serves as the department liaison for inclusive aquatic/recreation programs.

40% Administrative

Acts as the assistant facility manager and ensures the proper operation, maintenance condition, and appearance of all fitness/sports and aquatic elements within Bldg. 440 and surrounding property.

Major Facilities include:

1- Field House (with a large gymnasium, fitness areas, locker rooms, 1/10 indoor running track offices, indoor pool and outside courts and special event area).

1 -Nunn Beach (area designated during authorized swimming season and time).

Prepares and submits required reports covering facility attendance and performance of all aquatic programs. Recommends budget requirements for new aquatic programs that are cost effective. Prepares routine request for supplies and equipment for all aquatic equipment inside and outside facilities.

Assists in promoting effectiveness and efficiency using strong organizational and budgeting guild lines, internal controls, and risk management guidelines necessary to provide reasonable assurance of accomplishing management goals and objectives.

Ensures adherence to all departmental safety procedures, including OSHA, and other recognized safety organizations. Responsible for assuring all aquatic equipment is “safe” or “unsafe” in accordance with specifications from the manufacture. Ensures that all sanitary, safety, security and fire prevention regulations are enforced. Ensures that the water temperature and water chemistry of the pools are within acceptable limits. Responsible for the regular chlorine and PH test of water. Helps to ensures that the facilities are safe, in accordance with Navy Safety Standards. Ensures that the Nunn beach area is safe and meets swimming guidelines.

15 % Supervision

Supervises approximately (12-15) full-time, part-time and seasonal lifeguards for the aquatics operation. Also assist in the supervision of another (8-10) fitness staff to support general operations within the Field House. Incumbent will interview and select employees for hire, provides certified training, evaluates their performance and recommends promotions, step increases, terminations, counsels employees on grievances and complaints. Provides guidance and direction to all employees as needed. Schedules entire aquatic staff and may assist in scheduling the fieldhouse staff according to facility hours of operation, approves and disapproves annual and sick leave requests. Maintain accurate Kronos (timekeeping) records for all employees.