Morale, Welfare and Recreation Dept- Navy Region Mid-Atlantic

Serve those who serve

The purpose of this position is to maintain and clean facilities, fixtures and equipment, as well as support of special events and programs under the jurisdiction of the MWR Department.

85% Duties to accomplish include, however not limited to: Vacuums, sweeps, scrubs, wet mops, waxes and polishes floors and stairways. Various work will require use of automatic waxing machines and polishers. Spot cleans carpets. Washes and cleans interior windows, walls, fixtures and equipment. Cleans and polishes woodwork. Moves, cleans and dusts furniture and fixtures and returns to original position. Cleans and sanitizes sinks, commodes, urinals, floors. Restocks restroom supplies as needed. Empties and sanitizes trash receptacles and removes bagged trash to the exterior refuse containers. Removes recyclable materials to the designated recyclable areas. Cleaning and washing of air vent and grates. Replace lamps for light fixtures within arm’s reach or within a normal 8′ ladder reach as required. Auger or plunge clogged toilet and sink drains. Responsible for the policing of the outside areas for garbage and debris. Snow removal and salting of all immediate entries and exists of the facilities as needed before starting days’ work. Assists in loading and unloading of cars or trucks and keeps facilities clean as designated by the Facilities Maintenance Manager or Facility Standard. Informs the Custodial Leader when the supply stock needs to be replenished. Minor repair of equipment, such as vacuum bag changes, belt changes and cleaning of the equipment after each use and changing batteries. Reports all equipment malfunctions to the Custodial Leader for corrective action.
10 % Able to understand and carry out verbally work plans. Requests supplies, materials and equipment as needed to accomplish the work. Able to read and understand the MSDS for the products used and use them properly. Familiarizes, interprets and incorporates safety requirements, environmental, HAZMAT and OSHA rules and regulations.
5% Performs related duties as assigned.