Morale, Welfare and Recreation Dept- Navy Region Mid-Atlantic

Serve those who serve

$1,500 sign on bonus

This position is assigned to Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (CNRMA); Fleet and Family Readiness (FFR) Division (N9); Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (N92); Naval Station Great Lakes. Incumbent serves as a Supervisory Food Service Specialist planning, directing, supervising, and coordinating the food operation. The incumbent will oversee food quality, production, and operational efficiency of the assigned facility along with culinary training of assigned staff.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Plans, directs, supervises, and coordinates the facility’s kitchen. Oversees food preparation, assigned personnel, inventory and product acquisition, food cost control, requisitioning, training, directing and assisting cooks, preparing special dishes as required and general supervision of all food related activities. Responsible for determining quantities, components and courses of meals and calculates prices to ensure prescribed profit margin. Establishes and maintains entree item cards, incorporating price changes as they occur. Plan menu aspects of monthly club calendar considering food market as they occur. Aware of special events that will affect normal operations; holiday and seasonal variables; popularity of various meals and operating goals. Designs and implements decorated foods and artistic food arrangements for buffets and receptions. Develops new and creative menus in consultation with the General Manager using recipes involving many steps, ingredients or long preparation time (e.g. complicated French and other ethnic recipes). Develops and standardizes recipes. Monitors decisions and adjustments regarding recipes for the number of servings and size of servings and approves those decisions. Determines time and sequence of cooking operations to meet meal serving hours. Assures adherence to established menus. Analyzes methods of food preparation, cooking and methods of garnishing by subordinates. Prepares and cooks meats soups, vegetables and a broad range of other food. Regulates cooking temperatures, tests foods in cooking (seasons as appropriate, etc.). Prepares or directs the preparation of complex salads and desserts. Determines portion size. Instructs employees on fine points of cooking, food preparation and cooking methods, sanitation, etc., tastes and inspects food prepared by subordinates. Cuts, trims or otherwise prepares meats, poultry, seafood, etc. for cooking; cuts meats to specified size or weight. Assures that food preparation is economical and correct and is responsible for food profitability. Develops and implements training programs with a high emphasis on sanitation, personal hygiene and specialized food preparation. Estimates consumption of and places orders for foodstuffs and other operating supplies. Contacts vendors and compares prices and quality. Assures that food deliveries meet quantity and quality specifications. Assures the proper receipt and storage of stock. Establishes controls to prevent pilferage, spoilage, waste or misuse in preparation and storage areas. Establishes and maintains appropriate inventories of foodstuffs and galley operating supplies. Responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the kitchen, its equipment, and dishwashing tasks.
Supervisory duties comprise 35% of incumbent’s time and include but are not limited to:

Provides administrative and/or technical supervision (including hiring, discipline, evaluation, and training) for Lead Cooks, Cooks, Food Service Workers, and Facility Assistants. Directs work to be accomplished by staff; coordinates with the General Manager in prioritizing the work of the kitchen staff and in directing certain kinds of food preparation to ensure economical, efficient and profitable food service. Oversees and directs staff in cleaning the kitchen to include utensils, refrigerators, stoves, tables, storage areas, equipment, and work areas. Conducts annual performance reviews of staff. Designs and provides proper training to staff ensuring staff fulfill requirements of their positions. Addresses potential disciplinary and/or performance issues timely and takes appropriate, corrective action(s) as necessary. Supports CNIC’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy; fosters a work environment free of discrimination, harassment, and/or reprisal; ensures all subordinate staff understand and adhere to the policy; and ensures treatment of all staff is fair and equitable.