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Summary of Position and Duties

The Human Resources Division is accepting applications for one (1) vacancy in the at-will, F.L.S.A non-exempt, full-time position of Community Service Officer in the Village of Addison Police Department. The position works 40 hours per week (plus any assigned mandatory overtime), with varying shift assignments and may be assigned to work weekends. Shift assignments will vary. Under direct supervision, this person is assigned to conduct various field service functions related to police work. This could include photo imaging procedures, quartermaster duties, fines processing, animal control within the Village and general support duties for the Patrol Officers (i.e., traffic control). Handles enforcement of Village business licensing and assigned calls for service. This person may also issue Village citations. Performs duties of the Crossing Guard or evidence custodian as required. Required to work weekends, holidays and overtime in the necessary capacity to complete job requirements. Work is of average difficulty and is reviewed for progress and conformance to established procedures by the Chief of Police or his designee.

The primary responsibilities of the Community Service Officer will involve, but not be limited to the following:

Responds to obvious or radio dispatched call for action and/or assistance and takes appropriate action, assists law enforcement and local Fire District in emergency situations. Renders first aid during emergency situations. Provides assistance to citizens whenever necessary.
Patrols a designated geographical area by vehicle or on foot.  Performs municipal code enforcement duties.  Searches for and/or responds to complaints about possible code violations to include abandoned autos, illegal parking, garbage and health violations, and other violations.  Follows each incident through to ensure violators have taken corrective measures.  Provides relevant testimony in court for cases requiring such action.
Performs animal control duties.  Searches, captures and transports stray domestic animal(s) to known owners or impounds animal(s) at designated kennel such as the DuPage County Animal Control.  Investigates cruelty to animals and animal bite complaints.  Informs owner of precautionary impounding procedures.  Issues code violation citations and enforces rabies vaccination compliance as necessary.
Performs preliminary investigations and submits reports. Assists Patrol Officers by performing or assisting in thorough preliminary investigations and writing reports (both on the scene and at the police station) to include, but not limited to: theft, burglary, vandalism, lost and found property, traffic crashes, malicious mischief, sex offender registration, and other criminal activity that is no longer in progress.  Transports supplies to officers as necessary.
When properly trained and assigned, serves as an evidence technician.  Develops and lifts fingerprints.  Photographs and/or sketches crime scenes for details of potential evidence.  Independently identifies gathers and transfers physical evidence to storage or crime laboratory preventing chain-of-custody contamination, destruction, or loss.
Performs jail and prisoner handling activities.  Assists in transporting, searching, property inventory, personal history, fingerprinting and photographing prisoner(s) for identification as authorized, medical screening, feeding, and periodic checks.
Performs a variety of clerical duties when assigned. Performs a variety of records clerk and telecommunication activities in the absence of records staff.  Answers telephones and walk-in requests or complaints to include, but not limited to: lost or stolen articles, nuisance complaints, criminal damage to property and other activity not needing immediate police response. When assigned, prepares complaints and other records; files as assigned; enters simple information into L.E.A.D.S. computer or “in-house” computer.
Assists in traffic control and public assistance in the field.  Warns and directs traffic on streets and highways when accidents occur or as needed for non-functioning traffic lights, fallen traffic signs, and for special events requiring detouring and directing traffic.  Provides directions or escorts citizens and visitors unfamiliar with the geographical layout of the Village and surrounding area.  Performs school crossing guard duties in the absence of regularly assigned staff.  Notifies Public Works Department of downed traffic signs, non-operational traffic lights, and streets in the need of repair.  Assists with the towing and impoundment of motor vehicles.
Maintains files and records related to vehicles that are subject to towing or immobilization due to outstanding or unsettled traffic violations. Identifies vehicles subject to immobilization pursuant to village ordinance. Applies and removes wheel lock device.
When properly trained and assigned, performs functions of the department property custodian. Maintains detailed records regarding the control of evidence and recovered property in the possession of the department. Processes and stores evidence and recovered property, transports evidence to and from the crime lab for analysis.  Disposes of evidence and property pursuant to department policies and state law.
Maintains and operates vehicles as assigned; Conducts periodic inspections of department vehicles and documents condition of vehicles and assigned equipment; cleans and maintains animal cages and traps and instructs citizens on the proper use of this equipment. Feeds animals as required.
Delivers and recovers the department speed monitoring trailer. Attaches the trailer to a department vehicle and tows the trailer to a designated location. Positions the trailer by driving forward or backward while the trailer is in-tow. Sets up the trailer for safe operation and returns trailer to police department when the assignment is completed.
Conducts community and school relations programs and conducts Police Department tours.
Accepts and accounts for certain fees accepted from persons arrested or cited by Addison Police Officers. Maintains inventory control of uniforms, equipment and issues them to appropriate personnel. Monitors security systems for the municipal building.
Assists with departmental training activities to include set-up and tear down of training areas, maintaining specialized equipment, such as the Air-Soft system and by acting as role-players in force-on-force scenarios.
Conducts inspections in various offices and vehicles for the appropriate emergency response plans and critical incident equipment.
Arranges necessary maintenance to keep fire extinguishers, A.E.D’s and bio-hazard kits in serviceable condition.
Complete Lock-Up Facility Security inspections.


1. TRAFFIC UNIT C.S.O –   The Traffic Unit C.S.O may be assigned for a portion of his/her duty day for any traffic duties assigned to him/her by the Traffic Unit supervisor.  The Traffic Unit C.S.O will be responsible for downloading used hard drives from in-car Eyewitness Digital cameras into the server.  The C.S.O will also be responsible for making the initial DVD copies of DUI arrests or other arrests/incidents that need to be saved. The Traffic Unit C.S.O. will maintain inventories of squad radar units, and other traffic unit equipment.

2. QUARTERMASTER C.S.O. – Has the responsibility for maintaining the inventory of all uniform supplies and related equipment; issuing, ordering and pickup of all uniforms and equipment; assists with public relations programs; submits monthly activity reports.

3. EVIDENCE C.S.O. – Has the responsibility to package and inventory all submitted property and evidence; process and deliver evidence going to the various labs; maintain computer files and hard files of all evidence and property; process all items going to auction or scheduled for destruction; organize and coordinate all tasks involved in the yearly auction; track internal and field court case dispositions and timeliness for disposal of evidence and property; query C.J.I.S System computer files for dispositions on cases; work with

the States Attorney’s Office for court orders on evidence and property scheduled for destruction; maintain inventory control over all evidence custodian supplies; assists with public relations programs; submit monthly activity reports.

4. FIELD SERVICES C.S.O. – Has the responsibility for animal control within the Village, handles assigned calls for service; issues Village ordinance citations; performs duties of crossing guard, directs traffic, tags abandon automobiles; Village sticker and parking enforcement; handles motorist assists; finger printing; transport cars; public relations duties; matron duties; handles minor station reports; checks special watches; cleans animal cages; responsible for loaning animal traps; performs errands; operates a Village vehicle; sets up and operates the command post as needed. Person must have the ability to tow, back-up, and set up trailers as necessary.

5. LICENSING C.S.O. – Has the responsibility for conducting checks within the Village to ensure that businesses, vending and amusement machines are properly displaying a valid Village license; issues Village ordinance citations; measures floor space devoted to sales and service which is open to the public for purposes of determining the maximum number of coin-operated amusement devices a business is allowed to possess; operates a Village vehicle; obtains confidential licensing and alarm information; enters confidential licensing information into a computer database; makes a distinction between exempt businesses which do not require a license  and those businesses that are required to obtain a license; works with personnel from the Village Finance Department for the exchange of information relative to business license enforcement.

6. PHOTO TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT C.S.O. – Has the responsibility to administer the Addison Police Department traffic enforcement program by maintaining a liaison with the assigned contractor, reviewing violation video and making final determinations as to whether or not a citation will be issued, attending court appearances/administrative adjudication proceedings as needed, maintain associated records and dispositions of violations, assist the hearing officer and records personnel as needed with scheduling and docket preparation, assist with public relations programs and prepare monthly reports.

All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be an eligible candidate for this position:

Possess a High School Diploma or G.E.D Equivalent.
Ability to pass a personal interview, physical and drug screen when applicable.
Possession of two (2) years of experience in Emergency Service or other related fields as a Dispatcher or Community Service Officer preferred.
Possess a valid Illinois C.D.L Class ‘D’ and/or Class ‘B’ or of the classification appropriate to the equipment to be operated, free from incidence that may result in license revocation or suspension.
·         Certification as a Full Access L.E.A.D.S operator by the Illinois State Police or be able to obtain such certification within the timeframe established by the Village of Addison.

·         Must also be capable of obtaining C.P.R and matron certifications, and maintain those certifications, on an annual basis.

·         Possession of, or ability to obtain, within 90-days of employment, a Firearms Owners Identification Card.

Ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays, along with any expected/unexpected overtime that may be mandatory.
Physical Skills and Abilities Required:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use hands to finger, handle, or feel objects such as computer equipment, a radio or a dog stick, tools, or controls; and talk or hear on the phone, radio or in person.  The employee frequently is required to stand and sit.  The employee is occasionally required to walk; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl under a porch or fence. The employee frequently gets into and out of his/her vehicle. The employee must frequently lift, push, pull and/or move up to 25 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus. The employee is required to safely operate a motor vehicle outfitted with emergency equipment; including a passenger car, van, S.U.V or light truck, in all weather conditions.

The employee must be available and present for work as scheduled; be available for call-out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and perform all functions of the job safely and efficiently at all times in compliance with all safety regulations and policies for the safety and welfare of the employee, co-workers, and the public.  Must be able to attend and participate in job-related meetings, seminars, and continuous education courses. Must be able to pass psychological, physical and/or other examinations as required.

Work Environment Factors:

Ability to work under conditions that require exposure to environmental factors such as temperature and noise extremes, odors, toxic and/or caustic chemicals and agents, wetness, moving parts, fumes, risk of electrical shock, frequent vibration and disease.  This exposure may cause some discomfort and presents a risk of injury. The noise level in the work environment is usually loud.

Requires the ability to recognize and identify similarities or differences between characteristics of colors, shapes and sounds associated with job-related objects, materials and tasks.

Ability to provide necessary 24/7 public safety, this position involves shift work; rotations, and un-expected overtime. Employees may be required to report for duty when unexpected emergencies occur or to fill in shift shortages.


The salary range for the position is $60,813 – $84,179. The employee will receive a very competitive benefit package and work 40 hours per week, plus any required overtime.

Required test and screenings:

The candidate selection process consists of: a review of the candidate’s past work experience/skills and a personal interview. Successful candidates must successfully pass all required screenings and tests administered, when applicable, in order to be a candidate for this position. However, passing all required screenings/tests and completing a personal interview does not guarantee hire by the Village, as the ultimate decision to hire anyone is at the sole discretion of the Village of Addison.


Applications can be obtained at the Village Hall either in the Administration Department, Room 2100, or downloaded from the Village’s website at www.addisonadvantage.org. Applicants will be notified by letter of the test date for this position, where applicable. All completed applications must be directed to Donald Pinson, Director of Human Resources/Risk Management, either via regular mail at 1 Friendship Plaza, Addison, Illinois 60101, submitted personally to the Administration Department, Room 2100 of the Village Hall, or emailed to voajobs@addison-il.org by no later than 5pm, June 18, 2024.  Also, applications submitted after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Only one (1) application per person, per testing cycle is accepted.


Equal Employment Opportunity

Please refer to the Village of Addison website: www.Addisonadvantage.org, Division of Human Resources Section, to review a copy of the Village’s policy on Equal Employment Opportunity.


Applicants with disabilities, who need accommodations in order to complete any portions of the application/test, should contact the Human Resources Division at 630-693-7504.


To avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of favoritism or bias and to enhance supervision, security, and morale, the Village of Addison believes it advisable to prohibit the employment of relatives in a direct supervisory relationship or to prohibit having two (2) relatives employed in the same department/division. In addition, this policy bars the hiring or employment of an employee’s relatives in any position that would:

Have the potential for creating an adverse impact on work performance; or
Create either an actual conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, such as the relative having an auditing or control relationship to the employee’s job.
“Relatives” (including blood/step/in-law/adopted/legal guardian) are defined as spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, child, uncle, aunt, grandparent, grandchild, or any individual with whom an employee has a close personal relationship, such as a domestic partner, co-habitant, or significant other. The same prohibitions apply to employees who marry, cohabitate, or become related by marriage.  The provisions of this policy are not limited to personal or familial relationships amongst supervisors, managers, and subordinates. The policy also includes personal and/or familial relationships between individuals working as peers in any department when such relationship actually disrupts the operation of the department or the Village.


To apply for this job please visit cms6.revize.com.