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Current Salary: $46,337.68


Under general supervision, performs work providing animal control, capture, licensing and maintenance of the Village Animal Shelter in support of Police functions in the protection of life and property, prevention of crime, preservation of the public peace, maintenance of social order, enforcement of laws, and investigation of crimes; does related work as required.

This position involves regular and irregular shift work (weekends and holidays included). Work shifts are usually 8 to 10 hours in duration, but may be extended in the event of emergency, disaster, manpower shortages or extraordinary happenings.

Example of Duties:
-Patrol Village streets
-Apprehend and impound strays and loose animals
-Trace animal registration
-Contact owners and provide for compliance
-Collection of appropriate fees
-Issue citations and appear in court
-Investigate animal bite cases
-Maintain animal impound facilities
-Provide care and feeding for animals
-Type and file reports
-Maintain records and conduct audits
-Maintain public awareness and training programs
-Coordinate operations with other governmental and private agencies
-Handle requests for service for non-domestic or exotic animals and wildlife.
-Provide public education, make referrals or use wildlife trapping when appropriate to resolve wildlife incidents.
-Performs other tasks as required, or as assigned, which are within the scope of the duties enumerated pertaining to the Job Description

Environmental Factors
This position involves exposure to and requires the employee to function in the presence of:
-Weather conditions: all and extreme weather conditions
-Lighting conditions: all and extreme lighting conditions, daylight and nightlight, with and without artificial light available, usually indoors and outdoors
-Fire, smoke, chemical leaks/spills: in close proximity as necessary to provide emergency services
-Potential personal danger: including but not limited to:
-persons and/or articles with contagious/communicable diseases
-hazards associated with emergency driving, traffic control and working in
and around traffic
-hazards associated with natural and man-made disasters

• The position requires the ability to operate the following equipment:
o Motor vehicles: reasonably and safely under routine and emergency conditions, sometimes for lengthy periods of time
o Basic office equipment, including but not limited to: telephones, computer terminals, adding machines, etc.
o Writing implements and basic drawing templates: including the ability to write legible documents and produce simple diagrams
o Basic tools and equipment necessary to perform job tasks and functions including but not limited to: 2-way radios, first aid equipment, fire extinguisher, flashlights, standard uniform, simple tools (pry bars, hydrant wrenches, tape measures, etc.), cameras, fingerprinting equipment, etc.

Acceptable Experience, Training & Worker Characteristics:
-High school diploma or GED
-Ability to operate a motor vehicle (must have valid Illinois Driver’s License)
-Ability to operate a personal computer and telephone
-Residency in compliance with Village Ordinance
-Must be capable of handling animals, both domesticated and wildlife
-Knowledge of ordinances, codes and regulations pertaining to animal control
-Have physical condition to climb flights of stairs; walk, stand or sit for long periods; lift and carry equipment and boxed documents; operate required equipment safely; clean equipment and buildings
-Work independently and effectively, sometimes under stress
-Ability to understand, interpret and apply applicable Federal and State statutes, local ordinances, court decisions and Village/Police Dept. rules and policies

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