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Duties and Responsibilities:

• Working interdepartmentally and determining grant project priorities based on community impact and/or cost savings, measurable results, applicable grant opportunities, funds available, and grant submission timing requirements.
• Supervises and oversee personnel in the Village Finance Department with respect processing payments and organizing records related to grant administration.
• Future responsibility will be direct supervision of a Grant Coordinator.
• Serves as a Project Manager for the planning and preparation of grant proposals for all departments and compiles all necessary information for the application process through collaboration with other employees, database research, and other factfinding actions and meetings.
• Prepares and compiles all components of each grant submission with knowledge and skill in the interpretation of funding agency regulations and requirements.
• Decision making responsibility concerning the selection of grants for which the Village should consider making application.
• Maintains knowledge of grant funding policies, regulations, and procedures; disseminates and/or presents changes to departments and advises on the implementation of changes, and on the impact of changes on grant funded operations.
• Interaction with federal and state governmental agencies and their representatives in the grant application and administration processes.
• Will develop, draft, and advise on the design, formatting, and preparation of grant documentation, to include creation of statistical summaries and/or graphics.
• Works closely with the Finance Department to determine organizational finance capacities, calculating financial constraints, award amounts, and audits.
• Responsible to prepare for and participate in audits conducted with respect to existing grants by the entities providing the grants to the Village.
• Reports confidentially to the Finance Director with respect to potential grant opportunities, financial requirements, the status of pending grant submissions, and all financial aspect of grants in progress.
• Develop strategies to optimize the Village’s budgets and spendings.
• Formulates and develops departmental and organizational budgets for projects based on projected costs & revenues with relevant members of management.
• Manages any administrative problems and/or budget changes occurring during the awarded grant period.
• Creates and administers policy to establish and operate a comprehensive grant program.
• Serves as the Village liaison with grant agencies for the preparation and administration of grant proposals.
• Reports to the Finance Committee of the Village Board of Trustees with respect to the status of grant availability and the administration of existing grants.
• Develops and maintains a master file system for recording and tracking grant proposals, paperwork, awards, and related statistical information; creates and distributes standard and special reports, studies, summaries, and analyses, as required.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills and Abilities:

• A Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting, Business Management, Public Administration, or a related field is required.
• A Master’s degree in Finance/Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration, or a related field is recommended.
• Minimum two to three years of grant writing/managing experience.
• Thorough understanding of local, state, and federal funding sources and the ability to locate potential sources for funding.
• Strong working knowledge of ordinances, codes and regulations as it pertains to grants.
• Understanding of grant funding policies and procedures and applicable local, state, and federal regulations.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
• Detail oriented.
• Ability to meet deadlines, and multi-task.
• Ability to interpret financial data, and financial grant reports.

Special Requirements:

• Residency within a municipality, any portion of, which is located within thirteen (13) miles of the center of the Village of Bolingbrook within six (6) months of the candidates hire date.

Salary: $60,000 to $90,000 annually based of qualifications

For more information, contact:

Scott Pascente

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