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Under the general supervision of the Director of Finance, performs clerical work relating to employees’ payroll while maintaining strict confidentially. The work of this class involves auditing, keeping records, maintaining files, data entry, and responding to employee and supervisor inquiries. This position is represented by the MAP #522 union.

Salary:           $58,195.62 per year.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Creating, maintaining, and updating employee master files within the payroll department.
  • Making changes as required, with proper authorization, to employee job class codes, pay types, general ledger accounts, and deductions.
  • Entering payroll data into MUNIS payroll module; auditing and making corrections as needed.
  • Responsible for generating & processing retro payouts for Union & Non-Union employees, and issuing manual checks as needed.
  • Processing W-2 & 1095-C tax documents.
  • Processing and distributing bi-weekly payroll checks.
  • Processing and maintaining employee wage garnishments, child support payments and payroll reports.
  • Processing online invoices for employee related plans (e.g., 457 Deferred Compensation Plans & Life Insurance Plans).
  • Responsible for preparing payroll reports for scanning on a timely basis.
  • Completing employee verifications, as requested.
  • Reporting all additions & changes, and submitting payments to the 457 Deferred Compensation Plans, supplemental insurance plans, and any other benefit plans approved by the Village.
  • Assisting with preparation of salary & fringe benefit portion of annual budget.
  • Maintaining & updating employee accruals.
  • Performing other tasks as required or as assigned, which are within the scope of the duties enumerated pertaining to the job description.


  • High-school graduate with coursework in business and accounting.
  • Ability to pass a general clerical abilities exam.
  • Prior experience in payroll.
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions at times and accept constructive criticism.
  • Data Entry Skills.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office.
  • Skilled in using; telephones, computers, calculators, typewriters, and cash registers.
  • Great communication skills both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Must maintain strict confidentially in the performance of duties.
  • Ability to understand and respond quickly and accurately to written and oral directions, instructions, inquiries, and requests.
  • Must reside in a community (or unincorporated areas) within the State of Illinois which falls within a thirty (30) miles of the intersection of Briarcliff Road and North Bolingbrook Drive (Route 53) within six (6) months of the date his/her probationary period ends.

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Scott Pascente

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