Village of Mundelein

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Under the general direction of the Finance Director but using independent judgment, this position will perform complex accounting and financial work involving the control, development, coordination, and execution of Finance Division’s functions and programs.

The Assistant Finance Director is responsible for assisting the Finance Director with the supervision and oversight of the Finance Division related functions. These activities include supervising the work of the Finance Division staff and financial contractors, determining work assignments and work priorities, recommending operational improvements, resolving operating problems, and assisting in the development, implementation, and communication of special projects. The Assistant Finance Director will audit, analyze, reconcile, interpret, and report on matters related to expenditures, receipts, assets and liabilities, supervise and manage “day-to-day” operations of utility billing operations, account payable, accounts receivable, and other areas as assigned. Assists Human Resources with payroll as needed and advises on matters relating to taxes and withholdings. Acts as computer liaison for finance hardware and software between Finance Department, IT and vendors.

Attendance at Village Board and Finance Committee meetings will be required as requested by the Director.
Starting annual salary: $105,000-$116,000 DOQ

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