ICMA Blog: Local Government Employees and COVID-19 Stress: What Managers Can Do About It

Local Government Employees and COVID-19 Stress: What Managers Can Do About It Leisha DeHart-Davis, GovHR Vice President, Professor of Public Administration at UNC School of Government, blog posted on ICMA.org on May 7, 2020 | BLOG POST   Check out Dr. DeHart-Davis' recommendations for managers on handling stress during the COVID-19 crisis. https://icma.org/blog-posts/local-government-employees-and-covid-19-stress-what-managers-can-do-about-it

Video Interview Tips

5 Tips for a Successful Video Interview   If it is your first video interview, practice in advance. Video chatting with friends is not the same as a video interview. Check the background behind you, address as much ambient noise as possible and sequester pets in another room. Check your lighting before the interview starts.Read More

Job Search Tips during COVID-19

6 Tips for a Job Search During the COVID-19 Outbreak   Approach your search like a job. Spend time on it every day, monitoring websites, sending out networking emails and filling out applications. Let people know you are looking for work. Sign up to receive regular job announcements from recruiters that serve the industry youRead More

Tips for Developing a Resume

By Heidi J. Voorhees, President, GovHRUSA Develop a chronological resume that is easy to follow. Provide a one sentence description of each position you’ve held, the name of the organization including the city and state, and then indicate your accomplishments while you held that job. If you had a wide variety of responsibilities, consider creatingRead More

Tips for Interviewing

By Heidi J. Voorhees, President, GovHRUSA Display sincere energy and excitement about the position. Lack of energy is the number one reason candidates do not get the job! Dress professionally for the interview. If you suspect the organization’s culture is more casual about dress, still wear a suit. Be well groomed including a professional haircut.Read More