6 Tips for a Job Search During the COVID-19 Outbreak


  1. Approach your search like a job. Spend time on it every day, monitoring websites, sending out networking emails and filling out applications. Let people know you are looking for work.
  2. Sign up to receive regular job announcements from recruiters that serve the industry you are interested in. At GovHRUSA, you can sign up to receive our weekly job announcements at govhrjobs.com.
  3. Review your job search criteria. In the recent full employment economy, job seekers could be very specific in what they wanted in a position and where they wanted to work. In the post COVID-19 economy, there will likely be cutbacks and hiring freezes in some areas. If possible, be open to other geographic areas and different types of positions that will still utilize and expand your skill set.
  4. Consider fellowships and other paid internship opportunities. These can be an excellent entre into an organization and provide professional experience for your resume.
  5. Consider temporary assignments – they can lead to a permanent appointment or at least a positive reference. To be considered for temporary assignments through GovTemps, send your resume to info@govtempsusa.com or apply directly for a GovTemps position at Govhrjobs.com.
  6. Remember the three P’s – Be Patient, Be Positive and Be Practical. Local governments may not be as responsive due to other challenges they are facing – be patient with them. You can still check in but avoid being critical. A positive can-do attitude is always important, but especially right now. Be practical about your circumstances — if you are offered a position, consider taking it — even if it is not exactly what you want.


By: Heidi Voorhees