5 Tips for a Successful Video Interview


  1. If it is your first video interview, practice in advance. Video chatting with friends is not the same as a video interview. Check the background behind you, address as much ambient noise as possible and sequester pets in another room.
  2. Check your lighting before the interview starts. Sun behind you can make you look like a silhouette. Wear a solid color but not white.
  3. Set your screen at shoulder level – this may require putting a box or books under your laptop or other device.
  4. Know where your camera is on your device and look into it.
  5. Alert your interviewer if the quality of the sound or video degrades. If you try to power through it, you may miss key parts of a question.

Here are some additional useful tips: https://www.wired.com/story/tips-for-online-job-interviews/

By: Heidi Voorhees