Technology Staffing Solutions

Through MGT’s Technology Services Group (Cira Infotech), GovTemps can offer robust professional IT staffing solutions. Cira has the tools, talent, and tenacity to keep your cyber security infrastructure functioning safely and optimally. Many municipal IT departments are under-staffed, under-funded, and have tremendous expectations from elected officials and management to develop and maintain a high levelRead More

MGT Combines with GovHR, a Leading Human Capital Solutions Provider for Public Sector Agencies

MGT, a tech-led managed services business delivering high-value technology and social impact solutions for State, Local and Education agencies, national philanthropic organizations, and Fortune 500 clients, announced at the beginning of March that GovHRUSA and GovTempsUSA (GovHR) have joined the firm. “GovHR leaders and team members have built an exceptional organization and reputation by delivering high-impactRead More

Annual Retreat

Each year, we look forward to gathering at the GovHR Retreat to share our successes, learn from one another, and to prepare to move forward with new projects and goals! The Chicago Botanic Garden was bursting with color and life during our retreat, giving us the perfect backdrop to connect with friends and colleagues. We have eachRead More

Change, Growth, and Reorganization

As GovHR continues to grow and evolve, we have recognized the need to adapt and change. We are implementing a re-organization plan that will help us to better serve our clients and partners as we continue to strive to provide the best services possible. As part of our reorganization, we are excited to share theRead More

Improving Recruitment and Retention for Local Governments Today

Improving Recruitment and Retention for Local Governments Today One of the biggest challenges for local government in today’s workplace is employee turnover. The loss of department heads and other senior employees creates organizational vulnerabilities and destabilizes productivity ultimately impacting service delivery. This is not news to many of you experiencing vacancies. A better question isRead More

Improving Workplace Climate: A Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Improving Workplace Climate: A Recruitment and Retention Strategy Nearly three years after the start of the pandemic, U.S. cities and counties still face challenges in recruiting and retaining good employees. In North Carolina alone, 61% of local governments report higher numbers of unfilled budgeted positions since the pandemic, and over half report increases in turnover.Read More

The Importance of Succession Planning and Plan Components

The Importance of Succession Planning and Plan Components Call it the “Silver Tsunami” or the “Great Resignation”, there are many vacancies in local government positions and planning for those anticipated vacancies is important. The current labor market is tight and many positions in local government are specialized, requiring unique skill sets. Couple that with lack ofRead More

Celebrating 10 Years of GovTempsUSA! 

Celebrating 10 Years of GovTempsUSA! This summer marks the 10-year anniversary of GovTempsUSA.  Everyone associated with GovTemps is thrilled to contribute to excellence in local government -- we've had more than 500 placements in 19 states.  Thank you to our clients and the talented professionals who serve as temporary and longer-term placements.   We lookRead More