In early 2024, GovHR will be unveiling a remote, live supervisory training program consisting of eight classes, once a week for two hours. This program is designed to support first-time, aspiring, and emerging supervisors exclusively in City, Town, Village, County and Special District local governments across all departments. Taught by a team of experienced former local government leaders and executives across multiple disciplines, participants will learn skills needed to navigate changing workforce dynamics, inspire and motivate teams, elevate performance, drive innovation and achieve organizational success in their local governments.

  • Fully remote
  • Live instruction
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Limited class size
  • Options for different time zones

Includes the CliftonStrengths 34 Assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder), complete with customized report to help identify areas of excellence and navigate blind spots.

Who Should Attend?
  • First time supervisors at all levels, from all departments
  • Aspiring supervisors
  • Supervisors and managers desiring a skills “refresh”
Through Engaging Content and an Interactive Curriculum Participants Will:

Gain Important Skills: Learn vital tools spanning management, communication, problem solving, performance management, conflict resolution and more, empowering your daily supervisory success.

Elevate Leadership Impact: Strengthen your leadership proficiency within your team, organization, and with superiors, boosting influence and team achievements.

Enhance Employee Interaction: Refine your skills to foster employee growth and retention, nurturing better professionals for now and into the future.

Boost Self-Awareness: Discover strengths and growth areas, elevating your confidence and productivity, and positively contributing to your team’s performance.

Navigate Modern Challenges: Stay informed about workplace shifts and challenges, including demographics, culture, employee relations and legal issues and learn how to sidestep potential pitfalls.

Foster Peer Learning: Engage in valuable discussions with fellow supervisors and managers, gleaning insights from their experiences, and expand your support network for ongoing professional development.