Interim Staffing at GovTempsUSA – Local Government Staffing Solutions

GovTempsUSA, a subsidiary of GovHR USA, is a national public-sector staffing firm specializing in the temporary placement of positions  in local government. The firm offers project-specific and short-term assignments, in addition to long-term and outsourced arrangements.

Our placement professionals at GovTempsUSA have typically enjoyed distinguished careers in local government and displayed a commitment to public service throughout their career.

GovTemps has placed employees in the following positions:

  • City/County Managers or Administrators
  • Assistant City/County Managers or Administrators
  • Community Planning and Economic Development
  • Human Resources
  • Public Works Administration and Engineering Services
  • Public Information and Communications
  • Finance
  • Public Safety
  • Information Technology
  • Building Officials, Plan Reviewers, Inspectors and Permit Clerks
  • Library Professionals
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Utilities
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Office Assistance                                                                                                                                                       


In a temp-to-hire situation, a candidate may be placed permanently after a trial period in a local government position. This approach is a useful tool when time is needed to evaluate a candidate’s performance before a commitment is made to retain the individual permanently. Temp-to-hire is ideal for a situation where a candidate may have a non-traditional background, or is currently transitioning between professions. This option allows an organization, as well as the candidate, to ‘try out’ one another with no obligation if either party determines a match has not been made. Conversely, this can lead to a carefully considered placement that creates a successful outcome for both the government body and the candidate.

Outsourced Placements

Outsourced placements offer local governments the flexibly to utilize professionals that are employed by GovTempsUSA.  These individuals are placed in a local government position, but are retained as employees of GovTempsUSA. This option eliminates many of the expenses associated with retaining public sector employees. Previously selected candidates may be placed, or the firm can assist the local government through a targeted outreach to locate the right candidate to perform specified work. This option eliminates both the administrative process, and costs associated with the recruitment and selection process.

Interim Staffing Solutions for Employers

  • A solution for high costs associated with placing and retaining public sector employees.
  • Local government avoids the expense of an employee’s pension, medical benefits and unemployment insurance.
  • Administrative costs for recruitment and selection, such as advertising and background investigations, are assumed by GovTempsUSA.
  • Local government achieves flexibility to utilize staff, as needed, in the dynamic public-sector work environment.

Candidate Benefits at GovTempsUSA

  • Flexibility in work assignments; placed candidates can work as ‘free agents’.
  • Placed candidates are W2 employees of GovTempsUSA, are eligible for medical insurance and can negotiate paid time off for long-term placements.
  • Longer term employees can participate in a Simple IRA retirement savings, with a matching employer contribution.  
  • As a W2 employee of GovTempsUSA, placed candidates are protected by professional liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Placed candidates are paid through direct deposit; employer taxes are deducted thus avoiding extra costs associated with working as an Independent Contractor.                                                                                                                                        

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