PRISM – Performance Review Input Support Management

GovHR is excited to announce our partnership with Engagedly to provide local municipalities with a robust web-based performance evaluation system.

Description:  PRISM is a performance review system in an electronic format. It has been created for local governments and allows for the development of tools that can be tailored to different positions in local government, such as Department Heads, Supervisors, Front Line Staff. PRISM also allows for the inclusion of goals, which will allow Managers the ability to align to employee individual goals to overall organizational strategic goals.

Application/Use of Technology: PRISM is offered through the software company Engagedly, which is headquartered in St. Louis. It is an automated system with a calendaring function and tracking mechanism that is both appealing to Manager, HR Professional and employees alike.

  • Appraisal criteria designed specifically for local government.
  • Training for Department Heads and Supervisors in performance appraisal practices.
  • Align organizational and department goals with employees’ individual goals.
  • Make performance appraisal an on-going activity with easy-to-use platform for employee feedback and supervisor notes and documentation tracking.
  • Special pricing for local municipalities based on number of users.

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