GovHR USA employs a team of professionals with backgrounds in local government and the not-for-profit sector. The firm offers full-service executive recruitment and selection services that are customized to meet the organization’s individual needs. These services include a thorough analysis of the organization, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the hiring authority’s expectations. Through the firm’s experience with hundreds of placements over the last decade, the GovHR USA team provides a growing pool of highly-qualified candidates who are well-suited to handle the challenges and expectations of professional positions in local government and the not-for-profit sector.

Executive recruiting/selection services offer substantial value to GovHR USA organizations, and include:

The Highest Quality Services Available. More than one-third of the organizations served by GovHR USA are repeat organizations. There is no greater testament to the level of service a firm provides, than by being hired on an ongoing basis.

Thorough and Timely Hiring Processes for Organizations. Through a strong and accountable partnership between the hiring organization and the firm, GovHR USA follows a detailed recruitment schedule, offering 90-day executive recruiting services, from initiation of the contract to the appointment of a candidate.

Comprehensive Outreach to Candidates. GovHR USA utilizes the latest communication tools, including social media, to have access to the most qualified candidates. The firm also subscribes to national databases for public management employees, and maintains its own database of candidates. Additionally, GovHR USA maintains memberships in professional organizations connected to individuals in the following areas:

If your organization needs assistance in locating highly-qualified talent for open professional positions, call GovHR USA today at 847-380-3240 to learn how the firm can assist you.