City of Darien


Under immediate supervision of the Streets Foreman of Public Works Operations, the General Utility Worker Class II performs manual labor in the maintenance and repair of City streets, storm sewers and facilities, water mains and appurtenances, and building and grounds.  This position is on call, 24-hours per day -seven days per week.

SALARY RANGE:       $55,739.35 – $84,118.88 effective 5/1/2024

•     Performs manual labor in the maintenance and repair of streets including, but not limited to, street breakup, blacktopping and patching holes in the street, manual street sweeping, repair and replacement of street signs, cleaning creeks and parkways of debris, setting up and removing street barricades and excavating ditches or holes.

•     Performs manual labor in the repair and maintenance of City rights-of-way including, but not limited to, sidewalk repair’, tree trimming, removal and pickup of tree branches, weed mowing and parkway restoration.

•     Performs manual labor in the repair and maintenance of the City Water System including, but not limited to, repairing main breaks, repairing well pumps, repairing and flushing fire hydrants, taking water samples for water testing and reading water meters.

•     Responds to customer service related issues concerning high water bills, low pressure, plumbing leaks, water turn on and off.

•     Performs a variety of other manual labor activities including cutting grass with a power mower and hand tools, shoveling different types of materials, loading and unloading materials and equipment from vehicles and maintaining buildings and grounds.

•     Operates automotive equipment in performing a variety of such maintenance tasks as mowing, grading, dragging, snow removal (9 ton and 1 ton dump truck as well as clear safety sidewalks throughout town with specialized equipment), water main repairs and other work involving mechanized equipment.

•     Performs minor maintenance work on equipment such as servicing with gas and oil and keeping equipment clean.

•     Performs other duties as assigned.


•     Graduate from an accredited high school or vocational school

•     Knowledge necessary to perform light maintenance on mechanical equipment.

•     Basic knowledge of handling heavy equipment.


•     Ability to use engineer’s scale and tape measure.

•     Ability to perform minor maintenance and repair on all equipment necessary to perform assigned duties.

•     Knowledge of maintenance on heavy equipment.

•     Ability to work independently for periods of time.


•     Ability to communicate effectively with the public and other City employees.

•     Ability to properly operate and maintain City owned equipment.

•     Ability to operate a City vehicle.

•     Ability to use construction equipment, power and hand tools.

•     Must possess a satisfactory motor vehicle record with a valid Class A CDL license or obtain one within 6 months.

•    Ability to read and understand the City of Darien Safety Manual and to work in a safe manner.

Mental and Physical Ability:
Ability to perform strenuous, heavy work involving lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Ability to perform manual tasks requiring physical strength and endurance, including, but not limited to, bending, lifting, and carrying.

Ability to crawl in confined spaces and walk through partially constructed areas. Continual walking, stooping and standing.

Good vision is required, either uncorrected or corrected through the use of lenses.

Good hearing is required, either uncorrected or corrected through the use of a hearing aid.

Some  of  these  physical  requirements  may  be  accommodated  for  an  individual  with disabilities requiring and requesting such accommodation.

Working Conditions:
Exposed to hazards associated with equipment, machinery and uneven terrain at work sites and moving vehicles on roadways.             ‘

Exposure to moderate work hazards when operating heavy equipment, plows or using power tools.

Frequent exposure to dirt, dust, extremes of temperature and noxious fumes and odors.

This classification specification should not be interpreted as all inclusive. It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job. The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this specification.

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