At GovHR we are dedicated to serving you as an individual, as a candidate, as an employer, as a public servant, and as a citizen. We offer the following resources to assist you and your organization with your diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Services

Needs Assessment

Our comprehensive needs assessments will determine a DEI baseline and help to prioritize your areas of focus. This assessment will include a review and analysis of items such as:
• Current DEI programs and work practices
• Current HR policy review
• Workplace and workforce data
• Community demographics
• Community surveys and results
• Key stakeholder input on DEI
• Any other items of importance provided by the community or organization

Assessment of Policies and Procedures

This assessment will take your internal policies and procedures beyond simple compliance toward DEI best practices. Through this work we review items such as:
• Job descriptions
• Job postings
• Recruitment materials and procedures
• Operating procedures
• Personnel policies
• HR manuals
• Safety manuals
• Any other items of importance provided by the community or organization

Strategy Development

For those looking to move beyond tactical execution, We offer assistance in developing your comprehensive DEI Strategic Plan including:
• Establishing a DE&I baseline identifying where your organization/community currently stands on its DEI programs and policies
• Developing the DEI Vision and Mission
• Determining areas of focus – identifying where we can achieve early consensus
• Creation of objectives and goals with corresponding action plans
• Development of success measures


We deliver customized virtual or in-person DEI training based on identified needs example topics may include:
• Identifying and managing Implicit bias
• Identifying and removing micro-aggressions
• Inclusive leadership – What does is look like and how to create it
• The benefit of differences – the value in diverse cultures

Committee/Commission Development

We can assist in the development of an equity & inclusion commission, committee, task force and/or employee resource groups. We work in conjunction with key stakeholders to:
• Identify initial goals
• Create criteria for member selection
• Develop the mission statement
• Conduct member training

Crisis Management

Our expertise in crisis management can help you handle the situations we all hope never occur. We offer support in the areas of:
• Crisis communication
• Crisis response
• Crisis preparedness (planning and training)

For more information contact:

Lisa Stricker, Vice President

NFBPA/i4x Partnership

The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) and GovHR USA are working together to advance our organizations’ shared goal of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of local government. GovHR can co-propose on recruitments and other consulting projects through the i4x initiative.

Learn more about the NFBPA and GovHR USA Partnership

Implicit Bias Resources

Learn more about our Implicit Bias and other professional training seminars:

Reimagining Local Government: A Guide to Organizational Analysis

What services will local government organizations need (not just want) to provide in the future? An organizational analysis can drill down into the current services offered with the associated service delivery expectations organization-wide. Read more to find out how an organizational analysis can help your municipality:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resource Organizations
  • GARE – Government Alliance for Race and Equity
  • NFBPA – National Forum for Black Public Administrators
  • ELGL – Engaging Local Government Leaders and the Diversity Dashboard
  • LGHN – Local Government Hispanic Network
  • LWG – League of Women in Government
  • AFI – Alliance for Innovation
  • NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • Mayors Caucus – DEI Resources for Municipal Governments
  • Race Conscious Dialogues

Advertising Sources


  • NFBPA – NFBPA Career Center
  • ELGL – ELGL Job Board
  • LGHN – Local Government Hispanic Network
  • LWG – League of Women in Government
  • – Hire Veterans First
  • NAACP – NAACP – Job Finder
  • AAAED – American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity
  • – Diversity First Jobs
  • Handshake – Handshake University Alumni Associations/Job Boards

Law Enforcement

  • HAPCOA – Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association
  • NAWLEE – National Assn of Women Law Enforcement Executives
  • NLPOA – National Latino Peace Officers Association
  • NOBLE – Natl Organization of Black Law Enforcement Execs


  • SHPE – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • AICAE – American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers
  • AAAESC – Asian American Architects/Engineers Association
  • NSBE – National Society of Black Engineers
  • SAME – Society of American Military Engineers
  • SWE – Society of Women Engineers (SWE)


  • NABA – National Association of Black Accountants
  • AFWA – Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance


  • WIF – Women in Fire
  • IABPF – Intl Association of Black Professional Firefighters
  • NAHFF – National Association of Hispanic Firefighters

Human Resources


  • MCCA – Minority Corporate Counsel Association
  • NAPABA – National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  • NAWL – National Association of Women Lawyers
  • NBL – National Black Lawyers Top 100
  • BCALA – Black Caucus of American Library Association


  • WTS – Advancing Women in Transportation
  • COMTO – Conference of Minority Transportation Officials

Additional Resources for On-Going Education on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Issues


Disability Advocacy & Inclusion:
@Imani_Barbarin – founder of Crutches & Spice (
@tinu – creator of #EverywhereAccessible
@VilissaThompson – founder of @RampYourVoice ( and creator of #DisabilityTooWhite
@DisVisibility – Disability Visibility Project (
@beheardDC – Advocates for imprisoned deaf and disabled people (
@DisabledLatinx – Advocates for disabled Latinx people
@blkgirllostkeys – ADHD advocate (

Race, Gender, & Sexual Identity:
@sonofbaldwin – LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, and disability advocate and NYT bestselling author
@IMKC_podcast – Podcast on the intersectional issues of race, gender, etc.
@ProfessorCrunk – Professor Brittney Cooper, advocate and author
@rgay – Professor Roxane Gay, advocate and author
@theferocity – LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter advocate and author, Saeed Jones


  • – An article identifying the impact of the racial wealth gap on the African American community — and exploring how Black educators and financial advisors are working to close it.


  • Live Another Day – A carefully curated list of mental health and substance use resources for black, indigenous, and people of color.



Goodreads Bookshelf for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion literature