Longtime municipal administrator and GovTemps associate Frank Koehler recently announced he is retiring from local government. This time it looks like it might be for good!

Frank has served the following communities with distinction and commitment to good government:




Riverdale, IL Director of Community Development 1991-1996
Bourbonnais, IL Village Administrator 1996-2007
East Dundee, IL Village Administrator 2007-2010

GovTemps Interim Placements:

Lockport, IL CD Director and City Administrator 3/2012 – 2/2014
Bloomington, IL CD Director, and Special Projects 2/2014 – 11/2014
Homewood, IL ED Director 4/2015 – 7/2015
North Chicago, IL Economic and CD Director 11/2015 – 10/2016
Wilmington, IL City Administrator 11/2016 – 9/2017

Frank was one of the first employees to work for GovTemps which was established in 2011. Since then GovTemps has assisted more than 120 local governments in seven states filling over 270 different positions.  Joellen Earl and Heidi Voorhees, the founders of GovTemps, are extremely grateful to Frank for his pioneering work as a GovTemps associate having worked in five different jurisdictions.

On behalf of all of us at GovTemps, thank you Frank!  Best wishes to you in your retirement years.
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