GovTempsUSA (GovTemps) has been assisting local government with their short and long-term staffing needs since 2011.  As of May 2020, GovTemps has placed employees in over 500 different assignments with more than 180 local governments in 16 states.  Below are 10 examples of how local governments are using GovTemps.

  1. To Fill a Key Staff Position on a Temporary Basis. This is the #1 reason clients contact GovTemps. When a key employee resigns the work still needs to get done. Sometimes the work can be accomplished by co-workers but that can be stressful for the staff doing the work and often they do not have the expertise.
    GovTemps has helped fill the void by placing employees in the following positions:  Managers/Administrators, Finance Directors/Accountants, Human Resources (HR) Directors/Generalists, Community Development Directors/Planners/Plan Review Officers, Public Works Directors/Engineers, Administrative Assistants/Clerks, and many more.  Rather than wait the three to five months it usually takes to fill a position on a permanent basis, clients contact GovTemps for temporary employees to keep operations running smooth during a staff transition.
  2. Temp-to-Hire. A temp-to-hire (TTH) approach allows an employer to “test drive” a candidate before making an employment offer. Numerous GovTemps clients have taken advantage of this approach.  GovTemps will solicit, vet and present top candidates. After a defined period, usually at least three months, the client can hire the employee.  The GovTemps TTH fee is very modest – just two weeks of annual salary.
  3. Direct Hire. Clients have contacted GovTemps to recommend candidates for a direct hire as opposed to a temp assignment.  This is an option for some agencies and works well in cases where candidates are interested only in full-time assignments.     The fee is the same as for a TTH – two weeks of annual salary.
  4. Long Term (Outsourced) Placement. Often the best candidate for a position is a retiree who still wants to work but, because of state pension work hour restrictions, cannot work directly for a local government. By working for a third-party employer like GovTemps, those restrictions typically do not apply.  An advantage to bringing on a retiree is that they typically offer a flexible work schedule. They are not tied to a standard M-F, 40 hour/week schedule.  Outsourced placements include: Managers, Accountants, Chief Financial Officers, Planners, HR Directors, Clerks and more.
  5. Coach a New Department Head/Supervisor. Several communities have contacted GovTemps to recommend someone to coach and mentor a newly appointed Department Head or supervisor. Typically, the new Department Heads has good technical skills but may need some guidance in certain areas such as understanding the importance of displaying soft skills in the workplace. GovTemps has access to retired Managers/Administrators/Department Heads who can serve as a workplace coach and mentor.
  6. Project Assignments. Project assignments have included review of options  for a water meter replacement project, serving as a customer service liaison for implementation of two-year capital project, a department audit (Finance, HR, and Public Works), review of historic preservation  land use laws,  and currently creating revenue forecasts related to the impact of COVID-19.
  7. Serve as the Interim and Assist with Selection Process. GovTemps has placed interim Managers and Department Heads in positions where they have been asked to both oversee the operations and either coordinate or assist with the selection process for the permanent position.  The benefit to the client in these situations is the interim has access to the back-office support services of GovHR USA.     
    This arrangement works especially well when the business need is sporadic. Examples include having available an HR expert to consult on sensitive personnel issues, a licensed plumber for specialized inspections or a property maintenance inspector to work as needed in the warm weather months.
  8. Manage Department Operations. Organizations sometimes go through cycles where several staff transition out at the same time. This is unfortunate but it happens. In these cases, GovTemps has assisted by placing a team of employees at all levels to provide continuity of operations.  Examples include Finance and HR Departments.
  9. Shared Services. Contiguous communities have contacted GovTemps to ask to share a GovTemps employee.  A long-term example is a Property Maintenance Inspector. One community has the person for three days a week and the other for two days.   The clients save by avoiding the cost of health insurance and employee pension expenses.

As a nationwide leader in local government staffing and because of GovTemps connection to GovHR USA, we regularly hear from professionals across the country who welcome interim assignments with local government.  As such, the GovTemps candidate library is broad and deep.   Please contact Senior Vice President Mike Earl (mearl@govhrusa.com) if your community has a short or long term staffing need.





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