Why should you implement digital performance review? (How PRISM can meet your goals.)

Performance review is an important opportunity for managers to provide feedback to their employees and receive feedback as well. The goal of performance review is to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses so that as a manager, you can develop their strengths and improve weakness to best fit and meet organizational goals.

Managers continue to struggle with implementing performance review throughout the year. Continuous feedback maintains open communication, which increases employee morale. Digital document management allows for continuous tracking of employee performance for validating necessary discipline measures or justification of employee promotion. Having conversations on poor performance can be difficult but are made easier with clear documentation and history of performance. On the other hand, identifying where employees have the most potential can encourage and push their performance to exceed expectations.

PRISM (Performance Review, Input, Support, Management) is a performance review system in an electronic format utilizing the web-based software, Engagedly. The criteria and templates designed for PRISM were developed specifically for local governments and allow for the integration of tools that can be tailored to different positions in local government, such as Department Heads, Supervisors, and Front-Line Staff.

The Benefits of PRISM to your organization:

  • Appraisal criteria designed specifically for local government
  • Training for Department Heads and Supervisors in performance appraisal practices
  • Align organizational and departmental goals with employees’ individual goals
  • Make performance appraisal an on-going activity with easy-to-use platform for employee feedback and supervisor notes and documentation tracking
  • Customizable system at every level to meet unique organizational needs
  • Special pricing for local municipalities based on number of users

Core Competencies

There are four core competencies that apply in some way to every employee: Leadership, Management, Technical, and Team. Each competency is exhibited by all employees but weighted differently based on their role in the organization. Our 36 criteria for performance review, include items like: Innovation, Communication Skills, and Customer Service. The criteria have been developed to meet one of the four competencies, which includes the option to add customized criteria. The criteria are assigned to the review template based on the following chart:

Goals Integration

Goal setting is integral to ensuring that employees continued progress is achieved and the organization meets its targets. Utilizing a system that integrates individual goals with performance evaluation helps employees continually realize their potential and improve organizational success. Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals is a collaborative way to involve your employees in the goal-setting process, thus making goal achievement more likely. The goals module gives Managers the ability to align to employee individual goals to overall organizational strategic goals.

Engagedly, headquartered in St. Louis, provides an automated system equipped with calendaring, notification and tracking functions that is appealing to Managers, HR Professionals, and employees alike. The robust system includes modules for: Goal Setting, Employee Training, Feedback, Praise Wall, 360 Reviews, and more.

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By: Mysi Hall, HR Generalist