NFBPA and GovHR Announce Joint Recruitment Effort

National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) and GovHR USA Announce Joint Recruitment Effort The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) and GovHR USA announce a joint recruitment effort to advance our organizations’ shared goal of increasing diversity, inclusion, and equity at all levels of local government. GovHR USA is a certified woman-owned businessRead More

Checklist for New Managers

Checklist for New Managers ICMA provides resources for people at all stages of their local government career, but first-time administrators have unique challenges as well as new opportunities. The first thing first-time administrator should do is read the First-Time Administrators Handbook: In addition to this resource provided by ICMA, GovHR has prepared the listRead More

GovHR USA Announces Partnership in Interdisciplinary Public Safety Funding

Announcing our Partnership in Interdisciplinary Public Safety Funding GovHR USA is pleased to announce a partnership with Janice Allen Jackson & Associates.  This partnership with GovHR USA will provide consulting services for communities undertaking discussions regarding public safety funding, methods to reduce crime, and police-community relations. Janice is an experienced local government professional and thoughtRead More

Emergency Preparedness—Planning For Action

Emergency Preparedness—Planning For Action That usually means that when incidents occur and response and mitigation are critical, Police, Fire, EMS, and Public Works departments are expected to have the knowledge, ability, training and plans to address these emergencies. The scope of this article is a focus on the National Preparedness Goal established by the FederalRead More