Tips for an Internal Candidate

Tips for an Internal Candidate The good news is you are an internal candidate for a position you really want.  The bad news is you are an internal candidate for a position you really want.  Being an internal candidate is tricky.  On one hand you know a lot about the organization, its culture, personalities andRead More

Is Your Organization FEMA Grant-Ready?

Is Your Organization FEMA Grant-Ready? As state and local governments face unprecedented revenue shortfalls, savvy local officials will be on the lookout for grants that can provide much needed support for critical equipment, large capital items and operational assistance.  FEMA is and will continue to be a significant source of grant funds.  Unfortunately, many localRead More

Ten Ways Local Governments Use GovTempsUSA

TEN WAYS LOCAL GOVERNMENTS USE GOVTEMPSUSA GovTempsUSA (GovTemps) has been assisting local government with their short and long-term staffing needs since 2011.  As of May 2020, GovTemps has placed employees in over 500 different assignments with more than 180 local governments in 16 states.  Below are 10 examples of how local governments are using GovTemps.Read More

Reimagining Local Government: A Guide to Organizational Analysis

  Reimagining Local Government: A Guide to Organizational Analysis What services will local government organizations need (not just want) to provide in the future? An organizational analysis can drill down into the current services offered with the associated service delivery expectations organization-wide. Based on the direction of the local government regarding what services will continueRead More

Video Interview Tips

5 Tips for a Successful Video Interview   If it is your first video interview, practice in advance. Video chatting with friends is not the same as a video interview. Check the background behind you, address as much ambient noise as possible and sequester pets in another room. Check your lighting before the interview starts.Read More